UKZN Virtual Graduation

Dear Graduates

You have completed your degrees and diplomas in the middle of a life-threatening pandemic that continues to disrupt every aspect of life. We understand that it has not been easy, that it has been uniquely challenging and yet, here you are – you persevered, and you made it. Congratulations to you the first class of 2021 we are proud of all of you and the hard work that you put in to earn your place at this ceremony, albeit virtual.

This has been a long journey of hard work, learning and broadening your holistic knowledge to life. You now automatically qualify for and have joined the elite ranks of a professional cohort of skilled individuals that have a well-deserved opportunity to go out there and inspire greatness. Our nation is looking forward to your contribution to the growth and prosperity of our country in all respects – and we hope it will be as remarkable and meaningful as you aspire it to be.

We are especially proud that you are now also a part of our alumni, which is a distinctive honour that bonds us as a UKZN family into the future. The university values this greatly and implores you to be mindful that the institution in turn needs the support of the alumni – and the expertise you acquired here – to remain at the forefront of academic excellence for the students that follow proudly in your footsteps. UKZN will forever welcome your participation in all its activities and structures to make it a better place for teaching and learning, research and community engagement.

You are all graduating into a world that is quite different from the one you had planned for. This pandemic will shape and change your lives for some time. There is enormous work to be done amid the repeated waves of this pandemic, with even greater challenges ahead of building our communities and economy when we can put this health crisis behind us … we are proud that UKZN graduates will be a part of the skilled talent pool that drives us ever forward.

Our university community continues to inspire us through incredible stories of achievements, accomplishments, kindness, goodwill, positivity and generosity. Staying connected has become more crucial than ever and UKZN looks forward to engaging with our alumni for our mutual benefit. You can make sure you stay connected with the latest news from the University, as well as new developments at UKZN through Alumni Relations.

We look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Best wishes, Alumni Team
University of KwaZulu-Natal