UKZN Virtual Graduation

Spring 2020 e-Certificates and e-Academic Transcripts

Dear 2020 Spring Graduates,

This communique contains useful information not only about accessing your e-Certificate and e-Transcript, but how to deal with common queries and issues that may arise.

I am pleased to inform you that the Digital Certificate Web will go live on Saturday 31 October 2020. 

E-Certificates come with certain distinct advantages, namely:

  • Your certificate(s) and/or academic transcript will always be available online. There can be no misplacing them or loss due to theft.
  • Your certificate can be shared with up to three contacts (and contacts can be added and removed by clicking on ‘Connections’). Meaning you can share both your e-certificate and e-transcript with family, but more importantly with potential employers, who can immediately verify the certificate online. A built-in safety feature is that when you withdraw a contact’s right to view your e-certificate, they no longer have access to it. The link provides access to a 3rd party (a contact) to view and verify e-certificates.
  • Much greater security protection for you, an employer and the University, as the authenticity and veracity of the certificate is easily confirmed.  The risk of certification fraud is greatly reduced. You and a potential employer can have comfort that you rightfully obtained the certificate and that the degree certificate was indeed issued by UKZN.  The QR code verification site is
  • You will be able to access your e-Certificate and e-Transcript from anywhere in the country and world, at any time. This means no delays with having to email requesting a copy from the University, no additional cost for a replacement certificate and no plans to collect or courier.
  • There will be no need to make copies, or have them certified and couriered when applying for a job – all you need to do is share the e-Certificate.

If you do not receive an email from UKZN on Saturday 31 October 2020 advising you to access your e-Certificate, please register, via Google Chrome, on the link below.

Registration for all 2020 Graduates is via

You will need to register, and once registered, you will receive an email requesting you to click on a link to confirm your registration. Please ensure that you complete this step.

Please do not register more than once, as you will not be able to view your e-Documents, and will need to seek assistance leading to delays.

Please ensure that you don’t leave any space(s) before or after your enrolment/student no., email address when registering (So don’t copy and paste your email address in for example. Type it in with no spaces).

WHERE CAN I GET HELP? This help email address is closely monitored by staff during working hours, and queries to this help email are responded to in the shortest possible time.  The certification admin team are however, not able to assist with fee queries and/or clearance. Please see fee and library details lower down.  Please take care to include your student number in any email sent, either in the subject line or in the body of the email as this will also speed up dealing with your query.

Please take note of the following:

  • In keeping with UKZN policy, any person with fees outstanding or a Library hold only has access to their e-Transcript. 
  • Any graduate with fees outstanding will not be able to view their e-Certificate. Only once the outstanding debt has been cleared, after emailing the Fees Office on your respective campus (see details) with proof of payment, will your e-Certificate be released. 

Electronic payments and deposits can be made to the following bank account: Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 053 081 072
Branch Code: 04 54 26
Reference: Your Student Number (mandatory)

Fees Offices Contact Details:


Medical School:




All fee related queries need to be directed to these email addresses, Please remember to include you student number in the subject line/body of your email.

Bursary and Loan queries need to be directed to the Student Funding Office.

  • Any graduate with library fines/books outstanding will not be able to view their e-Certificate.

Electronic payments and deposits can be made to the following bank account: Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 053 080 998
Branch Code: 04 54 26
Reference: Library fines: 2064-11857
ILL fines: 5251-30352
Lost books/Admin Fee: 2076-30354

Proof of payment should be emailed to the relevant contact person:

Edgewood Library: Ms S Naidoo –

Medical School: Ms P Naidoo –

Howard: Mr O Jagarnath –

Pietermaritzburg: Ms C John –

Westville: Mr S Khumalo –

  • E-Certificates and e-Transcripts are not available to print or download for security reasons.
  • If you receive a message that says ‘user account approval needed’, please try to log in again after 24 hours, as the necessary back-office approval needs to be redone.
  • If you receive a gateway/timed out error message, please try again a short while later when the system might not be as busy as it was at the time.

For ease of reference, I am attaching two documents outlining the processes to follow when accessing the portals as a 2020 Graduate or 3rd party.

For both the Autumn and Spring 2020 graduands, plans are underway to print and conclude hard copy certificates for all our 2020 ceremonies.

The hard copy certificates should be available by the end of November 2020.  Plans with respect to collection and/or distribution will be published in due course.

All that remains is for me to congratulate you on your achievement, and wish you well in all your future endeavours.

UKZN User Guide eCertification – Student Portal

UKZN User Guide eCertification – 3rd Party Portal


Dr K Cleland

Issued by
Dr K Cleland

Registrar (Acting)